PCMate Free Auto Shutdown

PCMate Free Auto Shutdown 8.7

It helps you schedule routine shutdowns, restarts, standbys, and hibernations

PCMate Free Auto Shutdown is a program designed to help you schedule routine shutdowns, restarts, standbys and hibernations. It is useful to people who leave their computer idling and want to reduce their energy consumption.

PCMate Free Auto Shutdown has an easy-to-use interface that is straightforward and self-explanatory. On the “Job Schedule” tab you can select the action that you want your computer to perform. Your choices are: shutdown, restart, standby, hibernate, and log out. After selecting your action, you set a time when you want your computer to restart. You can choose to restart it once at a specific point in time, or you can set it up on a weekly schedule. You have absolute control of the days and time that you plan to schedule your operation on.

On the “Shortcuts” tab you can make shutting down easier by assigning a macro hotkey to each of shutdown variations. By doing this, you can reboot or power your computer off at the quick press of a button.

Overall, the PCMate Free Auto Shutdown excellently performs its necessary tasks. However, it is not very functional as far as the casual computer user is concerned. If you are someone who uses a computer as a server, or you seed and download a lot of files on peer-to-peer networks, then the PC Made Free Auto Shutdown program may be helpful.

Mariel Rearte
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  • Free
  • Works very well
  • Easy to use


  • Lots of bloatware
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